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At St George’s, we want to see a Growing Kids and Youth Ministry: Real Life! We see that our role is to partner with parents to help their children to become friends with Jesus. We run two programs:

At St Georges, we believe that children are not simply the church of the future, but they are the church of today! For this reason, we love having our kids in church! If you’re aged between 0 and 18 then come join us at Kids’ Church each Sunday morning from 10:00-11:15. (Restarts 4 February)

During our service, our kids head off to Kids Church to hear age-appropriate and interactive teaching from the bible, and return for Communion. We have two groups:

  • Sparkle for kids aged 3 to 6
  • Neon for kids in primary school
 Interested? Call Tristan Dallas on 0424 293 250 or see us there!


What is Scripture Club?

Scripture Club is a ‘kids club’ that runs at Albuera Street Public School on the Wednesday lunchtime, beginning at 1:05 pm, and finishing at 1:45 pm.  

Who Comes Along to Scripture Club?
Albuera Street Scripture is run for kids in Kindergarten to year 6 who attend the school. Children attend only with parental  permission.

What are we trying to do at Scripture Club?
We run Albuera Street Scripture in order to introduce kids to the Christian faith and to give them a positive experience of Christian community. This group is ideal for children from any family, whether attending a church or not.  

What might a Typical Lunchtime Look Like?
At Albuera Street Scripture, we’re seeking to introduce kids to the Christian faith in a fun and creative way. Below is a typical run sheet for what we’ll do:

  • Welcome
  • Activities
  • Bible talk and prayer
  • Memory Verse
  • Kids return to class

In term 1, we’ll be looking at Jesus: A Hero’s… – Mark 8-16!

Who Runs Albuera Street Scripture?
Albuera Street Scripture is run by St Georges Anglican Church Battery Point in partnership with other churches in Hobart, including Wellspring Anglican Church.



How Can My Child become Involved?
We would love your child to join us at Scripture Club! Please print out this Scripture Club Note 2016 and return it to the office. Then your child can meet us in the school multi-purpose room at Wednesday lunchtime!

Please speak to Mary on 0422 406 927 for more information!

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