As the church has since the very start, at St George’s we happily baptise adults and kids as a visible sign of the inner reality of God washing people clean and bringing them to new life.

Our approach to the baptism of children is that it is only something for families who are already connected with our church. The reason for this is so that we as a church can consistently support the families in what is the difficult task of raising kids especially raising them to know God in a meaningful way. Because of this, if you are interested in having your child baptised it would be great to have you come along to St George’s some time and see if we are the kind of church you want to be connected and involved with and would feel supported by. Parents also need to attend at least three sessions preparing them for the responsibilities the undertake in bringing their children for baptism.

If you are an adult and interested in getting baptised we run a series of five Bible studies covering the core of the Christian faith and heartily encourage you to join one of these groups. These studies serve as our preparation for baptism and the weighty and exciting promises you will make.

If you have any questions feel free to call the office: 6223 2146¬†or email [email protected]

St George's Battery Point

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