Sunday services

8 am   –   Holy Communion 

10 am   –   Holy Communion (except 1st Sunday)
includes Kids’ Church with  morning tea afterwards

7 pm   –   Totally Informal

Informal worship, prayer and study in the Rectory

(John and Roslyn’s house to the left of the church building)

For more information call 6223 2146

or find out all you need to know about it on our Facebook page.

At St George’s we come from many different backgrounds. Kids, youth, and seniors; people who live in the city and those from the suburbs; some who are students, others who are workers; families and singles, people from overseas and interstate.

The thing we have in common is our desire to know God and to be known by him, through faith in Jesus Christ. St George’s offers a loving community with a vital faith that is grounded in biblical Christianity and framed in the rich heritage of classical orthodox Anglicanism.

 Rich in History,  Alive in Christ

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Our Mission

We proclaim a Biblical faith
in the living God
through Jesus Christ our Lord
and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit
extending his kingdom
through equipping each other for service
reaching others with the Gospel
and sustaining an open, healthy and growing church family
to the glory of God


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    1. Hello Celia

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve added our service times to the ‘About’ section on our Facebook page.
      You can find our service times in the ‘Home’ section of our website.

  1. Hello,
    I wonder if you can help. In the course of family history research, I have traced back to a marriage on 20th August, 1855, between Margaret Macintosh, or Mcintosh, and Charles Chilbers (actually Chilvers), which took place at the Church of St. George. What I am searching for are details of Margaret’s parents. The Tasmanian Archives do not have these details, hence I am wondering if the Church’s archives would have the information I’m seeking. I am willing to travel to Hobart to undertake the research, if the Church still holds its archives from this era.
    Mrs Jennifer Garvey,

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